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Pascale Gourmet is a family run business since 1993.  Nicola and Mary Pascale had a dream to open up a shop where the customers could come in and experience a little bit of Italy.  They wanted to share their love for the food they grew up with tell the experiences growing up in Calabria, Italy while helping the family business .  The butcher shop, the salami and the cheese made fresh everyday by Nicola's mother.  The little horses she would make out of fresh mozzarella are still so memorable.  Unfortunately a lost art.   

When you walk in Pascale Gourmet its like walking in Nick and Mary's home kitchen.  They'll cook stuff for you too if you have special diet needs.  How about a lactose free, gluten free lasagna that tastes so good just like a regular lasagna should taste!

They strive to use quality ingredients from the best purveyors.  Nicola is very picky about the meat he purchases for the veal, chicken and ground beef for the meatballs.  Afterall, he comes from a long line of well known butcher!!.

   29 Years of serving our Uptown Yonge community  

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